Life, Brief or Long: What is the Ending?

What is the Ending?

Abin Sam John; 1984 – 2018: Brief but Bountiful.
Forever with the Lord.
Christ Jesus paid the penalty for man’s sin by giving His life on the cross.
He conquered death and rose again victoriously. Anyone who believes in Him as the Saviour and Lord is given the Hope of life with God forever.
Roby Andrews; 1926 – 2018: Long and Lovely.
Wonders of His Grace.
“I never was ambitious. I had nothing to fall back on. No money, no education, no support of any kind. At such a time the Lord lifted me up “.
From sinking sand, He lifted me,
With tender hand, He lifted me,
From shades of night to plains of light,
O praise His name, He lifted me!
We do not know when our Ending will come.
But we must be prepared for our Ending.
We can choose the final destination here and now:
With the Lord or Without the Lord Forever and Ever?
Bible says: The Gift of God is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ Our Lord.
Prayer of Moses in Psalm 90:
“So teach us to number our days
That we may gain a heart of wisdom”